Lanciatrek FAQs: Diagnostic Tools for Weber Marelli IAW ECUs and Programs

Remember, your feedback will fill in details on these pages to make it more use to all.
Q. How do I know which leads and USB port to use for my car?
A. Read this page here.

Q. Are they Windows programs?
A. No, they are DOS console programs that run on Windows computers.  If you click on them with the cursor you just see a command console to flick on and off the screen. Follow these guidelines to save and to run them. This will allow you to run them easily from the Desktop.

Q. How do I know if it is running?
A. Look at the tumbler at the side of 'press q to quit'. If it moves every couple of seconds then it's not talking to the ECU. The battery voltage is a good one to check for a realistic value. If it's not talking and you press q to quit then it can take up to 15 seconds to get to where it quits.

Q. Do I need to read all this?
A. As these programs go worldwide, even 40 queries at 15 mins each to reply means 10 hours with no breaks and no money. You have to put effort in yourself to reap the rewards, because I won't have the time. The uses and tips below is very useful.

Q. Why is this page called lanciatrek page and not lanciatrekdos page?
A.Lanciatrek is a common family name for the programs to use.
A. Lanciatrekdos.exe (program title bar will show V0.1) is my first attempt at getting information from this type of ECU. Cat or non-cat are included. I expect to develop more programs with more functionality and will also name them starting with lanciatrek.....
     Lanciatrekdos talks to the ECU and displays various parameters such as revs, coolant temp, air charge temp, fuel injection time, battery voltage etc as well as monitoring error codes and displaying them such as crank sensor disconnected, TPS disconnected, pinking and others.
     Lanciatrekdos1 (program title bar will show V0.1) is as above with an added feature that if the ignition is turned on within the first 8 seconds of the program running, the ISO code should appear.

Q. How can these programs help me?
A, Look at these uses and tips.

Q. Will these only work with turbo cars?
A. No, but they are set up for the Weber 02/03 MAP sensor. I may be able to modify it for non-turbo use as well, should the demand arise. Other readings should be fine but if you believe they are wrong then email me.

Q. How do I keep up to date?
A. Keep checking back on this page.

Q. How can I help?
A. If it works on your vehicle and it is not listed or doesn't seem the same as we show, you can email me with its type, ECU code and how it works or what doesn't. I can use this feedback to get the site updated

Q. Which vehicles and ECUs will these work on?
A. Use this link.

Q. These are really good, how can I help?
A. If your vehicle isn't on the supported list, or you don't agree on what it says, you can send screenshots of ECU ISO number, program running displays etc to support it.
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