Tools for Weber Marelli IAW ECUs

(as found in the Lancia Delta Integrale)

The grale-ECU (GECU) tools are provided free of charge but without warranty or support, however I welcome feedback about bugs found or desired features. As long as I continue to work on this project some updates may be provided.

Many ideas inspired by the folks at PROGRALE and the Integrale community in general. Hopefully in some small way I have repaid the much help I received along the way.


The following tools can be used to “reverse engineer” the binaries of the IAW ECU.
They run in a DOS window on a Windows PC. If you have the skills to understand 6800 assembly code and know something about engine management systems then the disassembly tutorial will give you everything else you need to figure out exactly what the computer is doing in your car.

  1. GECUdasm – the best code disassembly tool I have used is provided free by Tech Edge. I have also mirrored a copy of it here.
  2. Start-up control file - a starter control file for the disassembler
  3. Disassembler control file - the control file with basic info from the ECU
  4. GECUparser – a comment parsing tool I wrote to strip the comments from the disassembled binary. (see tutorial for why comments have special treatment)
  5. GECUadder – a comment adding tool I wrote to add the comments back into a disassembled binary
  6. Start-up batch file – a starter DOS batch file (helpful since the above tools are DOS programs)
  7. Disassembly batch file – a DOS batch file to support the disassembler and comment parsing and adding
or get it all by downloading a single zip file .